A lot has changed in kiln technology in the years since the wet process was king. Open-gear lubricants have changed too. Asphaltic-based lubricants have been superseded by advanced synthetic oils that are clear in color. The best way to protect your new investment is with high-quality lubricants that provide outstanding protection for high-load, heavy-shock applications.

With Shell Gadus S2 OG Clear Oil products, you can benefit from :

  • Ability to inspect open gears daily with strobe light
  • Reduction in pitting and wear from insufficient lubrication and shock loading
  • Continuous production while converting lubricants

Shell is a pioneering leader in supplying the open-gear lubes, trunnion oils, and greases that new cement kilns require. Best of all, our team works with you on ways to optimize your lubrication maintenance programs—at your plant, on your terms. Whether you're looking to extend oil-drain intervals, reduce grease consumption, or monitor pinion wear pattern during break in, Shell provides the service and support you need as you commission your new equipment to achieve maximum availability.

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