Shell LubeAdvantage is a valuable on-site consultative service where Shell collaborates with customers on designated projects to improve their equipment reliability and save costs.


Too often "lubrication" brings to mind only "lubricants." But in fact, there are many aspects of proper lubrication beyond just the lubricant — like maintenance intervals, condition-based monitoring, filtration, and more. These are often overlooked, yet have a significant impact on equipment reliability and total cost of ownership.


Shell's equipment reliability program – LubeAdvantage – is an opportunity to take a big-picture operational view around lubrication. It's a systematic, hands-on approach to collaborating on specific projects with measurable results, all in an effort to improve your bottom line.

Mix and Match Shell is a leader in providing outstanding service to our customers. We have been offering recommendations about equipment cleanliness for decades. The Shell LubeClean program has evolved from the former Products Plus Services (PPS) program and is a complement to our other services, such as Shell LubeAnalyst.

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Project Planning and Review

We start by conducting site assessments and collaborating with you to identify potential equipment-reliability projects that best meet your goals. From there we jointly prioritize the list of projects and assign measurable goals to them, and, at each project's end we quantify the value that was delivered. As part of a continuous improvement journey, we'll review the results together and plan future projects based on these results.

Project Categories

Improvement projects typically align with one of these categories:

  1. Lubricant Application – Getting the right lubricant in each piece of equipment. Consolidating and simplifying the number of lubricants used. Developing color codes so it's easy to see which lubricant to use.
  2. Storage and Handling – These projects focus on how to store and dispense lubricants to prevent contaminants from entering your systems, with a focus on ease of handling for accurate and efficient dispensing.
  3. Equipment Optimization – These projects focus on operational efficiencies and can include things like extending oil drain intervals, reducing failures and downtime, and increasing energy efficiency to reduce your electricity or fuel costs.
  4. Oil Condition Monitoring – Assess the health of your equipment by identifying potential problems before they become a real problem. For example, oil analysis can identify wear metals so that corrective action can be planned as part of routine maintenance.
  5. Contamination Control – Projects that help reduce contamination–both visible and microscopic contaminants–can save significant costs on wear and breakdowns. These include removing contaminants that are already in the system as well as preventing contaminants in the first place.
  6. Training – On-site training sessions are a great way to ensure your employees learn proper lubrication practices. We can provide training on topics such as oil analysis, fundamentals of lubrication, maintenance and lubrication strategy, and more.
  7. Standard Procedures – Shell can help write or review your standard procedures to help ensure everyone follows the same protocols. These best practices can also be incorporated into training classes.

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