Heavy loads, shock loads, temperature extremes, exposure to the elements and ever-present cement dust—it's all in a day's work at cement plants. Given the environment, a strong maintenance program is your best strategy to keep your plant running at top availability and meet tough cost and performance targets.

Choosing the best lubricant for your equipment is a key component in a strong maintenance program. Shell is a pioneering leader in supplying the open- gear lubes, trunnion oils, and greases that cement plants require. And the right lubricants are just the beginning of how we can help.

Our team is dedicated to working with you on a variety of ways to optimize your lubrication maintenance programs—at your plant and on your terms. Whether you're looking to extend oil-drain intervals, reduce grease consumption, or monitor pinion wear pattern during break in, Shell provides the service and support you need to keep your cement plant operating at peak efficiency.

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