The Future Is Here: Next Generation Shell Morlina S4 B

Watch Webcast For Tips On How To Extend Equipment Reliability


The most efficient bearing and circulating systems are those that can operate at or beyond their original design parameters. And the only way to achieve that (spoiler alert) is with consistent and reliable lubrication.

Watch this webcast as we discuss how our next generation of high-performance, anti-wear lubricants, Shell Morlina S4 B oils, out-perform the leading competitor. Specially designed for bearings, enclosed gears and circulation systems, these oils provide:

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Speaker - Dr. Robert Profilet
Dr. Robert Profilet
Product Application Specialist - Industrial Products, Shell Projects and Technology

Speaker - Greg Sedelmeier
Greg Sedelmeier
Factory Plant Maintenance Oils Project Leader - Bearing and Circulating Oils, Shell Projects and Technology

Speaker - Dr. Paul Savage
Dr. Paul Savage
Factory Plant Maintenance Oils Technology Manager, Shell Projects and Technology