When things are running smoothly at your paper mill, lubricating your Nash Vacuum Pump is simple. But as soon as you develop a leak, you need a lubricant that can function properly in high-water conditions. Given the frequency of leaks with degraded seals, you need to be prepared.

The right lubricant in good times and in bad
Shell has the right lubricants for your type of Nash Vacuum Pump to withstand inevitable leaks and to extend bearing life when they get flooded with water.

Nash Vacuum Pump Type Lubricant Requirement Lubricant Recommendation
Runs on grease Needs a grease with high-water resistance Shell Gadus S5 V220 2 or Shell Gadus S5 V460 2
Runs on oil Needs an oil that won't degrade in the presence of water Morlina S4 B oils

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