Optimize your coolant program – Speak with a Shell Lubricants representative and receive a Coolant Maintenance Kit
Fill out a quick form and a Shell representative will contact you to get you your Coolant Maintenance Kit.

Coolants play a significant role in protecting your engines so that your trucks can stay on the road longer.

To ensure you are getting the most out of your coolant program, we'd like to speak with you to talk about the importance of choosing the right coolant for your heavy duty engines. We can also review your coolant maintenance schedule and procedures and discuss best practices and recommendations for optimization.

Once you speak with a Shell Representative, you will receive your Shell Lubricants Coolant Maintenance Kit. This includes a variety of tools such as a refractometer, antifreeze test strips, PH test strips, and Coolant Color Guide.

Did you see our recent Webinar on Coolant Technologies? After you reserve your Coolant Maintenance Kit, watch the replay here.