Does your off-road construction equipment announce its arrival well before it actually does? The squeal of wet brake chatter is not only annoying, but it's a sign that your brakes aren't operating as efficiently as they should be.

The right fluid can silence the chatter
Using the wrong type of fluid on your brake pads is typically the chatter culprit. Shell makes several fluids for wet brakes to prevent that issue, and they can also be used as combined fluid for hydraulic systems. If you're experiencing chatter or erratic operation when your wet brakes are engaged, it's important to get the right fluid for your particular equipment.

Which wet brake fluid is right?
Keeping all the different specifications for different OEMs straight can be a challenge. Shell can help with this convenient guide to simplify making the right fluid choice for your equipment.

Equipment Wet Brake Fluid
John Deere J20C Shell Spirax S4 TXM
John Deere J20D Shell Spirax S3 TLV
Caterpillar TO-4 Shell Spirax S4 CX 10W
Caterpillar TO-4M Shell Spirax S6 CXME 10W-40
Kamatsu 1 TBD
Kamatsu 2 TBD

Other viscosity grades are available, so let's discuss your needs and find the best fluid for your off-road equipment. It can make all the difference in your wet brake performance — and decibel levels.

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